Can time be painted?

Yes, the decorations can be painted by the Buyer, then you should ask in advance whether the selected decorations are available in a raw state, i.e. not subjected to the rusting process.

Are the decorations covered with a natural rust color?

Yes, our decorations are subject to a rust process, which causes them to corrode, giving them a characteristic brown color.

Can decorations stand outside?

Yes, our products can be used as exterior decorations all year round. When exposing decorations to changing weather conditions, you should take into account that further rusting will be inevitable. In the case of this type of art, this is the desired effect.

What material are the decorations made of?

The decorations are made of black steel. The individual elements are joined by a weld.

Can decorations be impregnated?

Yes, the rust effect can be fixed using dedicated preparations. Such action protects against further corrosion and protects against soiling.

Do the decorations get dirty?

Yes, decorations become dirty due to corrosion.