About the company and products

The garden is the result of human activities who create their own space through planned plantings. However, creating a beautiful garden requires art, and therefore an artistic sense, knowledge of plants, as well as the use of original decorations that complete the idea.

We have prepared for you an offer of decorations produced in our company. The decorations are handmade, made of steel and then rusted to obtain a natural, warm and extremely decorative color. Among our decorations, you can find extremely attractive and solidly made supports for plants, original sculptures, various types of ornaments depicting flower and animal motifs as well as gardener’s attributes, such as a watering can.

Our decorations look great when placed among plants as subtle accessories, but they can also serve as a pleasant welcome, such as a “name plate with the name of the garden owner”. The decorations we produce do not require maintenance, are resistant to weather conditions, and thanks to the use of thick steel, they can decorate the garden for many years, undergoing a process of slow corrosion. We invite you to visit the gallery presenting decorations used in the gardens. We also encourage you to look for your own style and rust-painted decorations that will best emphasize the character of your garden.

authors: Marcin Cieślik & Przemysław Gronowski