Angel of the Garden

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Angel of the Garden

“Angel of the Garden” is a minimalist garden decoration that looks great under an umbrella of trees, in a garden corner or at the top of the garden’s axis. The figure of an angel has always appeared in various beliefs. As a guardian or life guide, he spreads his wings, being an intermediary between life on Earth and the activities of Heaven.


Description: “Angel of the Garden” consists of two steel elements bolted together. The whole thing is covered with natural rust, the wings gently move backwards, giving the figure a spaciousness.


Option A: size of the motif 220 cm x 160 cm, 5 mm thick, wings 225 cm x 25 cm, 3 mm thick, with a rod at the back enabling stabilization in the ground.

Option B: size of the motif 100 cm x 25 cm, thickness 1 cm, wings 140 cm x 15 cm, thickness 3 mm, with a base with holes for mounting on a pedestal.

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